Cool stuff made by a maybe-cool person

Welcome to XNOPYT.COM! This is a site of some of the cool stuff I've made! Here you can find a Tetris clone, Pentris, and some chemistry revision tools.

XNOPYT.COM is my main website for documenting some of the things I've made. Here you will find links to projects I've worked on, and some cool JavaScript gadgets too! A

As for me, I'm XNOE! A British programmer who loves learning as much as possible. Recently, I've been playing with routing in the DN42 network! It's super fun!

Some of my long term projects are Templ, my static site generator, and learning more about interpreter and compiler development.
The Xnoe Operating System
Starting in September 2021, I began the development of my own entirely original 32 bit Operating System, complete with its own Kernel and Bootloader. This operating system is known as XnoeOS, and is my biggest and longest term project to date. The codebase is composed of a mix of x86 assembler, C and C++. Further information can be found in the GitHub repository linked below.
JS Tetris & Pentris
Looking for a game of tetris that you can play in the browser? Whilst my recreation of Tetris may not stay true to everything that is Tetris, I made it because I found it fun to make, and I find it fun to play.

The main reason that my Tetris clone isn't fully featured to the standard that a true Tetris re-implementation would be is because I made it with the intent of using its codebase as a basis to make a JavaScript Implementation of Pentris (Tetris but with Pentominoes).

I couldn't find a version of Pentris that had hold mechanics, and instant drop, and was JS based rather than Flash, so I made one!
Templ is my in-development static site generator written in C++. I eventually aim for it to have enough functionality to make generating static sites a breeze. Right now, it has some basic features for templating, but nothing that makes generating "dynamic" content per page easy.

Since this site is generated using Templ, I aim for Templ to be as full featured and as usable as possible! It's a project I've really enjoyed working on so far.
OCaml Toy Python Interpreter
One of my biggest interests with programming, for as long as I can remember, has been wanting to make my own programming language, whilst this isn't my own, it was the first interpreter capable of running meaningful programs I wrote. The code is slow, and it isn't pretty, but I was so happy when I finally ironed out all of the bugs, and got it to run calc.py.

One of the main missing features currently is the lack of class support, but once I've added that, all will be good.
Reactivity Series Revision
Here are a couple of tools that you can use to help revise the Reactivity Series for GCSE! The two versions are one with just Element Symbols, and one with Element Symbols and Element Names.