Hello. Welcome to xnopyt.com.

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On this site you can find a Tetris clone here: js-tetris and a small little notes app here: notes

This site is also supported by the Brave Browser, it's a chromium based adblocking browser that is pretty nifty. They employ an ad model that pays you to see ads, but it's fully opt in.
If this sounds like something of interest to you, their site is here and you can optionally support me via this affiliate link.

I also have the site bybbworld.com and just like this site it's barren, empty and probably won't be updated for a long while.

The programming language(s) OCaml and C++ are two of my favourites. Depending on the task, one is always easier than the other.
I run Gentoo Linux. It's good, you should try it too.

Running Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine is pretty cool too, I guess.

Is this how you're supposed to make a home page?